Taber Lacie

I'm back!

WOW….has it really been TWO YEARS since I’ve done ANYTHING to this website?! …..yikes….

SO, to explain my hiatus, I have been CRAZY BUSY. To the point of considering giving up photography all together [I know, horrible idea]. After we had our son Levi, we had ANOTHER baby boy in August of 2017 who we named Zane. Then, we decided to add a little more chaos….and planned a wedding. We got married on June 23rd, 2018 and it was an absolutely AMAZING day! It honestly could not have gone better, and I’m so glad we had an amazing photographer to capture it all, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to remember all the details and fun memories! THEN [just when you thought I couldn’t add anything else…] we decided to very quickly plan a honeymoon. We went to Placencia, Belize, which was 100% needed and enjoyed by my husband and I. Throughout all that, my husband and I both switched from one ambulance company in Milwaukee to Bell Ambulance, worked our butts off and got promoted to field training officers, and after I created a driver safety course I was promoted to supervisor!

Now that the dust has settled from the crazy 2 years we’ve had, I can focus on my passion again. Like I do with any goal I have, I’ve already dived head first into planning some exciting new things [that I won’t share with you all, quite yet….] and I’m so excited to get this adventure rolling in the right direction again.

For now, I’m going to go back to blogging all the weddings and sessions I’ve done since the last time I was blogging [which means I have some work to do!]. So if I still have anyone’s attention, and you’re wondering whats next, all I can say is STAY TUNED IN 2019!

Much love to you all!

My Beautiful Family <3

Trying to get family photos taken can be difficult, especially when you have 5 kids 6 years old and younger! So the adventure of taking our family photos was an interesting one! I was able to take most of them, but thankfully I have a talented future SIL who was able to assist for a few of the photos! We ventured into our backyard, organized our big tribe, and ended up capturing a lot of great memories. I can't wait to get the prints back and hang these beauties on our walls! Hopefully you all enjoy these photos as much as we do <3

Until next time friends,
-Taber Lacie

Welcome to West Bend

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to say that we have finally and officially moved! We have purchased our first home in West Bend, WI and honestly, we couldn't be happier about it. We're still working on a few renovations.......alright...quite a few renovations! But so far, our new house is feeling more and more like home with each passing day. We upgraded to having more square footage, a way bigger yard, a nicer neighborhood, another bedroom, wonderful and friendly neighbors, another full bathroom, a better school district, a gorgeous view from our back porch, and so much more. I even have plans in the works to turn our backyard into an outdoor studio! It will be perfect for families, children of all ages, seniors, and engagements too. I am SO excited to get that project finished!

I have lots of plans for marketing to this new city, and with hard work and a little luck, I think I'll be able to find success here in this new town.

I'll keep you all posted with our renovations, and more importantly, the deals I'll soon be offering!

Until next time folks,
-Taber Lacie