New Year, New Path

2016 is fast approaching folks!

I cannot believe how quickly 2015 has gone by!! Can you? It feels like it sailed by within the blink of an eye in my household. A lot of beautiful things have happened, we've received many blessings, dealt with few true hardships and have grown so much closer as a family [which I couldn't be happier about!]. We have come a long way since the end of 2014, and now here we are, at the brink of 2016, and we have so many more plans in so many different areas of our life. Outside of the fast approaching arrival of our newest son Levi, we're looking into buying a different house [one with more room because we will certainly need it!], a new school district for the kids, and new career paths and business avenues. I have big, new, awesome plans and goals to turn my business into more than just weddings. Don't get the wrong idea though, I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings and will continue to photograph weddings for as long as my body allows me to lift a camera to my eyes.  However, I have decided to start turning back to all other forms of photography as well. Which is wonderful news for all!

I cannot express how much I miss photographing all forms of photography and how badly I want to turn my business into a full time profession. Right now, my business has taken a back seat to my career as an EMT. The difficulty in this is that I also love being an EMT and have no plans to just give that up, so I don't want to just completely quit that job and only focus on photography. I have never been one to take a leap into the unknown without having a sturdy plan, so a few weeks ago I sat down and created all kinds of plans to organize at least one part of our life the way we want it to be. This includes new specials, mini sessions, new session packages, new products and more! I'm also looking into ways to cut my processing/editing time down....possibly in HALF....within the next year. Plus, I hopefully will be adding a few new pieces of equipment into my arsenal of photography gear. Oh....and I need to start blogging more! I enjoy writing and keeping everyone updated, I just need to schedule time to actually sit down and do it! Maybe every Thursday evening? Unless the Packers are playing...then it's just going to have to wait ;)

2015 was truly wonderful in so many ways, and we're looking forward to an even more amazing 2016! I hope you all had a great year and I wish you all a beautiful, delightful and prosperous upcoming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours!