Welcome Baby Levi

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, we welcomed the newest member to our family on April 6th this year. Levi Edward was born at 4:59pm, weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. We've been so incredibly busy I completely forgot to post it here on the blog! We hired a birth photographer and I am so so happy with the way the photos turned out. Sarah from Freckled Fox Photography did an absolutely fantastic job. I wish I would've thought to do this for my previous deliveries! I'll share a few of my favorite with you all here.

Not only did we just have a baby, but we sold our house AND closed on a new one in the last month. So in about 10 days, we'll be the official newest residents of West Bend, WI. We're so excited for our big move! We needed a serious space upgrade to accommodate for our big family, and I'm happy to say that we got it. The yard is big, there's a nature preserve right behind our house and we added an extra several hundred square feet to our indoor living space.

There is much to do before our big move, so I need to keep this post short and sweet today. I'll keep you all posted on any deals I'll be having to launch my business in our new city, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks!

Lots of Love,
-Taber Lacie