Christmas Love <3

Hello everyone! I hope all of you had a FANTASTIC holiday season!

Per the norm, our household was nothing short of busy busy busy. We traveled around to visit our family members, had several gift exchanges and enjoyed the general splendor of the season. One of the best parts was experiencing Christmas morning with the kids. Their excitement about the additional presents that appeared overnight, the cookies that had been eaten. the crumbs left behind, and the milk was all gone. Their faces were absolutely priceless! "Mommy! Santa was here! The cookies are gone! And he put CANDY CANES in our STOCKINGS!!!" It was hilarious, and I'm so happy I got to listen to their laughter, excitement and happy little feet running down the hall towards our bedroom. We waited for nana and papa to arrive and then got down to opening presents. They all were so happy with what they received and spent the rest of the day playing with their new toys. 

We ended our holiday season with a lot of happiness and love in our hearts. The biggest reason? Our tiny army of little humans. They make the holidays so much better than I ever remember them before their existence. I'm so excited to spend the next several years playing the Santa game and listening to those happy giggles over and over again.